Switchboard Pro

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Switchboard Pro

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Swithcboard Pro gives you extra features and support over the free open-source version.

Purchasing a pro or enterprise license for Switchboard Pro helps us to continue working on both the pro and free version of the software, and bring more features to YOU!

What you'll get when you purchase either version:

  • Support for prioritising specific file events over others.
  • Regex support so you can watch for any file name or type you choose.
  • Support for .zip/.rar file extraction.
  • Support for optional file removal.
  • Product support should you run into any issues.
  • Priority feature requests.

Purchasing either license will allow you to use all current and future versions of switchboard-pro as long as your subscription remains active.


You will get a download link to the switchboard-pro binary executable and a license key.

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